Klara Levring - make up artist


My name is Klara Levring and I am a trainee make up artist based in London.

I am just about to start my a three year make up degree at West Thames College, but have already completed a years foundation make up course in Paris and am currently expanding my experience and techniques working as a make up artist on student films and gaining experience in make up and wigs in theatres across London’s West End.

I would like to think of myself as a creative person.  I was brought up in an artistic and international household.  My family is Danish but I was brought up in Paris and London.  Having a father who is a successful Danish film director means that I have always been very close to the arts and given me a unique upbringing.

Make Up has always been a huge interest of mine.   During my A-level Film Studies course, I developed a strong knowledge and interest in film.  I have studied many different aspects of film and learnt a lot about camera work.  The Make Up that inspires me the most has always been film and theatre make up. It fascinates me that you can tell a story of a person, using make up to create emotion and to grasp moments of their life.

During my gap year, I moved back  to Paris for 6 months. Here I’ve studied at La Conservatoire de Maquillage, graduating with a diploma. The Conservatoire is an artistic make up school where I learnt how to apply make up to a high standard and where I got very inspired to study make up much further. At the school I had the chance to work on film sets and fashion shows where I helped with some of the make up and hair design. 


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